Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Abroad

I hear you, Boilerstoker! It’s about time to load up the train and get this show on the road. And we welcome back Rattler who has return from the great northwest. I hope there is room enough for all 3 of us to be part of the Railroader crew. I'm not sure management will put up with us too much, but we are good at eating up the leftovers.

These 2011 Players are lookin’ good and I think we can expect some exciting baseball this season. They practice looked good today and I'm already starting to believe in these guys. Even in the heat, their were going at. They seem to quickly adjust to the Yard and I'm sure they'll be ready for the Bobcats on Friday.

It’s great to get back to the Yard, the field is in good shape and the grandstand is ready. The smell of freash Railroader Dogs will soon fill the air, and with the players and fans we’ll begin the season tomorrow in grand style. I'm really looking forward to the nachos!

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