Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shock Therapy

Now that I've received my treatment, I think everything will be okay. Of course I waited until after the game last night to take it, didn't want to alarm anyone in the stands above. It was a hot night for temps and cat bats. And although the oven in the Yard will be on again tonight, I think we can fire up the engine a little further and build up pressure a bit more, ya think? While the field is hot, the grandstands were quite cooler, in more ways than one. It's time for the Fans to get with it tonight. The Relay for Life was last night and we still had 200 at the game. Tonight is Chamber of Commerce so there be more out to Yard to support the Railroaders. One thing I can say good about last night was the Food! Man those BBQ sandwiches with slaw were some of the best scrapes I every eaten.