Monday, July 18, 2011

Final week of regular Season

As of Monday, July 18, 2011

For those who like analysis of the pennant race, there are plenty of various combinations in this tight race that made is interesting and puzzling. Every game played now will focus the picture better, but we can see a little of it now. It’s still anyone title to take. The Pirates hold the hardest road as they’ll need to win out with 8 games left to have a shot. As for the top 3 teams, Wow! A person can get lost in all the scenarios and numbers. Assuming no team will win all their remaining games, I believe the Railroaders will need a 23-19 record to finish 1st place in the standings. To do that they must take 4 of their final 6 games left to play.

With that in mind, here’s one possible scenario: The Railroaders sweep the Oilers in 2 games, take 1 of 3 with the Pirates then win on Saturday against the Bobcats. Fulton gets 23 wins. The Pirates would be out of it even if they took all their remaining 5 games with the Oilers & Cats. The Oilers’ best possible record at that point would tie us at 23-19, however, they would have to win all 5 of their remaining games consisting of 1 with the Pirates and 4 against Bobcats, a very tall task. For the Bobcats to match a 23-19 record, Marion would need to take 6 of 8 undecided games consisting of 4 each with both the Pirates and Oilers. Again, a tall task indeed.

However it does play out, it’s going to be great finish for the OVL in its first year, and some good baseball left to watch. To top it off, there is still the Post-Season Playoffs that will be starting next week. How will the seeding for Playoffs turn out? If you think you see a good scenario in the numbers, let’s hear it!