Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's clean it up Guys!

Someone must have throw the wrong switch somewhere, this is not the track we're suppose to be on. Let's get this train back on the tracks and fixed ASAP. Okay, everyone has a bad day, but 2 butt kickings in a row? The only good thing on the evening came as a gift from the Pirates who downed the Cats twice. Alright then, we're only a half game down and we can make it up on Wednesday. I'm sure the Oilers feel like they have our number now and wouldn't mind clobbering us a third straight time. Come on men, time to get into the game and play some ball. Its going to get hotter in the next few days, but I know you can finish strong. Go to Owensboro and take the final game with the Oilers, come back home and take the pennant at Home. The Fans will be out in force this weekend, what a great time for baseball. You can do it, there's no doubt in my mind.

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