Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One down in Hoptown . . on to the Pirates

Time to catch a train east and head to Hopper Town on Wednesday for the second road game of the season.  We're due a win and good time to get it against the Hoppers in their first home game.

After Hoptown, the Roaders head north on Thursday to face off with Pirates in Madisonville for the first time in 2012. 

The boys are back on Friday and Saturday for 2 more games with the Pirates at the Yard.  Plenty of baseball over the next few days, and a chance to move up in the standings.  In fact, it's the only direction we can go now, UP!

Let's go get'em!

Great first win against last night. The spark is back in the Railroaders. Pirates are next and coming off a loss to Bobcat and a hefty as well at 11-1.  Let's sweep this road trip and continue at home Friday & Saturday. I'm Fulton Fans will be ready for that. 


  1. You all will be fine as the season progresses. Everyone knows the Roaders will be in the mix.
    Rick H, Voice of the Pirates.

    ps- wait and get healthy, though, next week!

  2. Tough loss last night over here at Madtown....good effort by the Roaders, tough luck.
    Keep your heads up! Rick....Voice of the Buccos