Sunday, July 29, 2012

Up 1-0 in best of 3 Final series

The Railroaders hit the road to Hoptown today leading the series 1-0 with the big win on Friday against the Hoppers. The Hoppers are desperate now and must win the final two games at home. The Railroaders have the upper hand here and need to remain "cool" as they head out to spoil the championship run by the Hoppers in their house.
Last night's game was full of tension and controversial calls. Emotions ran high on both sides. But the Railroaders need to remain calm and focus tonight as the Hoptown crowd will be hostile towards them. If the Railroaders can just Ignore their rude comments and we come away with the victory. The Railroaders are playing better ball at the plate and can complete the season with the Playoff Title. Its time to take advantage of the Hoppers and finish them off!
Fire it Up and Let's get Rolling!

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  1. The game tonight should be very interesting, wish I could make the trip- Our crew has got to keep cool heads and keep the mission #1, Roaders can come out of this Hostile Hopper land with the Playoff Title- The fans can be the 10th man as we have seen with our great fans in Fulton- Roll Hard and Fire it Up guys!!