Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Season Comments

The Season is finally over and the 2012 Railroaders provided Fans with exciting moments. Fulton had great talent on the field this year. There were more Railroaders receiving leadership titles in the OVL than any other team. Starting slow at first, the Railroaders came back in the second part of the season and at one point won 12 games straight. Although falling one game short in the Post Season Playoffs, the Railroaders never gave up and continued to play hard for Fulton. 

We'll miss each one as they return to their collegiate efforts and hope to see them again in the future. Best of luck to every player, coaches Ricky Gerena and Matt Hochstatter, and manager Albert Destade. We salute your efforts and thank you for another great year of baseball in Fulton at the Yard.

Please use the space below to add your comments on the 2012 Fulton Railroader Season.


  1. Great team! Congrats to all!

  2. It's almost hard to even explain the season. The ups and downs. But one thing stands out for sure. The hard work and effort by everyone on the team , players and coaches and support staff. Fans and announcers and broadcasters. You all gave us a great season and we appreciate it. We hope to see many of you back next year. Best of luck to everyone

  3. Thanks to all who made it happen! I enjoyed ever second if it. Wish best of luck to all and hope to see several of u back. Cant wait till next aeasin. Go raulroaders!!!

  4. It was a summer never to be forgotten!!! We are already making plans for next season!

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