Friday, May 31, 2013

Railroaders face a threat from the sky to start the 2013 Season.

What a way to begin the season!  The Railroaders have to look to the sky for either stormy weather or Bombers on Saturday night.  As of this posting the game is still on for a 7 pm start time.  The players are ready and willing, and the Yard is prepared for another great summer of Railroader Baseball.  It seems only yesterday the smell of ballpark food filled the air, I can hardly wait for the first order of nachos.  The front office has even added a grill for further enhancement of our taste buds.  Good ball and food, what more can you ask for?

The field is in excellent condition and the stadium as well.  All the crews have work hard to get everything in shape for 2013.  Teamline will be up and running along with updated live box scores during Home games.  Boilerstoker will be handling the stadium announcing and I'll be eating while scoring the game.  Hope to see you at the Yard, and if not, online on Teamline.

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