Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DC Bombers flying into the Yard tonight

"Say 'Hello' to my little friend"
The Bombers are coming to Fulton tonight with a 10-8 record, in second place and tied with the Oilers.  The Railroaders are a game and a half behind in 5th place, and have began to chop away at the first top 4 teams in the standings.

Only three days ago the Pirates where holding the 2nd place position until the Railroaders put them down twice, and moved them down to the 4th position.  

The Railroaders have put a string of 4 straight wins and look to continue the trend as mid-season approaches.  After starting the season 5-10, Fulton is now only a game away from .500 record.    The guns at bat have come alive, defense has tightened up and team pitching ERA it under 3.

Next up are the Bombers who have won 3 of their last 4 games.  The key to tonight's game is "keep them off the bases".  The Bombers are nearly twice the number of stolen bases at 57, as the Railroaders have 35 total.  The Railroaders have the weapons to take the Bombers out.  Four times we've faced them and have only came away with one win.  Time to improve on that head-to-head record beginning tonight at the Yard, and continuing tomorrow when the Roaders head up to DC.


  1. Jake Shadix#13 parentsJune 26, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    hear you loud and clear from Loretto TN

  2. Loud and clear here in Huntsville, AL! Shout out to Kire for helping with announcing tonight...Good job!
    Roll Train! Go Railroaders!
    Cody Burton's parents

  3. Glad to listen in Evansville, IN! Just FYI for some reason Jarret Young's stats have been split into two listings, correct numbers are 9/36 .250 AVG

  4. Listening from Miami Springs Florida, loud and clear Michael Diaz's parents.

  5. A real Master Chief would go down there and tell that ump how his accuracy is lacking on making correct calls!

  6. Keep battling every pitch, every ground or fly out, always be battling, never lose your focus!! and this winning streak should keep tallying

  7. Jake Shadix #13 DadJune 26, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    OOH RAH !! Marine Corps 86 to 92

  8. Mom - Navy 81 to 02
    Dad - Navy 77 to 97
    Someone had to teach the Marines how to survive at sea!

  9. Ramon Valdez and Michael Sillyman were two huge pickups, i'm so glad our team was able to pick them up. thus far, seems to have turned around the franchise overnight!!! keep it up fellas

  10. Jarret Young's family here, thanks so much for checking into stats! He's been with Bombers since first game, just some glitch in entering his info we guess. He was 9 for 36 going into tonight, his stellar 0/3 tonight makes him 9/39. Thanks again and we've enjoyed our first online listening experience!