Monday, June 15, 2015

Bombers attacking Fulton tonight

The first place Bombers are flying high on a 5 game winning streak and currently hold a 2 game lead over the Miners and Railroaders. The Railroaders are 1-2 against the Bombers thus far in this season and get a chance to even the score tonight at the Yard.

Despite Fulton’s loss last night against the Miners, the Railroaders will be working hard to get back on track and retake the second place position in the standings which remain tight. The Bombers may be hard to shoot down, but the Railroaders have the guns to it.  Timing of the shots are most important in order to take them out.

The last night of three straight days at home for the Railroaders ends tonight before they head to Hoptown on Tuesday for a game with the Hoppers. We’ll looking for good fan support for Monday Night Baseball at the Yard. There is still a lot of baseball left in the season to play and its still anyone’s race to win.  Let’s Fire It Up and take this one from the Bombers.  Roll Train…..!


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  2. Rain showers to the west and training northeast, not moving east. Looks like good weather once more for the game at the Yard tonight.

  3. Ed and Rae MathisJune 15, 2015 at 7:09 PM

    Go Railroaders!!! let's get a win tonight

  4. lets get the bats going railroaders!!!

  5. John, it must be a bit difficult to enjoy any of that delicious food at the Yard when you're multi tasking. In your spare time could you please FedEx me a Roader dog?

  6. Enjoyed the game last night 'Roaders! It was my second game with my son...and my first with my wife. We all had a blast last night, and my wife was having fun listening to the fan comments to players and umps at Lohaus field! My boy got a broken bat and a foul ball! Go Railroaders!!!