Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Railroaders and Chiefs in the Yard tonight

Hex Dance for the Chiefs
Our 5-11 Railroaders take on the 4-12 Paducah Chiefs tonight at the Yard. It’s an important game for the Railroaders to win in order to stop the backward side in the standings. Fulton has faced off with Paducah twice so far and taken both games from the Chiefs, and we need to make it three.

The Chiefs gained their fourth win on the season last night against the tough Dubois County Bombers. Their appear to be finding their footing on the field along with a better team batting average of .234 compared to the a Railroader .209 average (the current OVL overall batting average is .260).

The Railroaders have signed a couple of new players and the hope is they’ll help in both the pitching and hitting areas. Ryann Gray is a RHP who saw one inning of action on Sunday (the same day he arrived) and hopefully he’ll perform better than walking all four batters he faced!

Chris Patterson from Jackson State CC has come aboard also. He should add some power at the plate with a .365 average in 50 games at JSCC. His school RBI total is 57 with 15 homeruns to his credit.

There is no better time left than now to turn our season around! The halfway point in the season is fast approaching and we can ill afford to continue losing games. It’s time to play solid ball, both defensively and at the plate. It can be done, now let’s do it!


  1. Good luck tonight Fulton. Do ODU proud tonight Matt

  2. Get on the 1st base coach!! Ty coaching 1st tonight

  3. Meihls family listening from Fort Wayne, Indiana!! Let's get a W!

  4. Again those errors Kill a team. Mental errors none of them physical

  5. Cheryl L PattersonJune 21, 2016 at 10:01 PM

    Great win tonight. Patterson family listened from Clarksville, TN.

  6. Button your shirts up! Look sloppy, play sloppy.