Saturday, July 2, 2016

Railroaders & Hoppers on a Saturday night

Marlene supports Pink Out
The Hoptown Hoppers return this evening having just been here this past Wednesday when the Railroaders finally beat them for the first time. The defeat for the Hoppers was the first of two in row as the Miners took them down last night in a final inning wild pitch that scored the winning run for Madisonville. We can count on Hoptown to be hopping mad not to repeat that mistake again and to play hard in preventing a third straight loss.

Unfortunately the Railroaders were unable on Thursday to pull out a final inning win over the Chiefs. I’m sure our guys will be ready too for tonight’s game. Even though we are down in the standings, there’s plenty of heart and soul in our team to continue and play hard to finish the season on a high note. After all, there are the post-season playoffs that lie ahead. All the teams will be playing and have a fresh chance redeem the season with a title.

Tonight is also cancer awareness and fight night. The Railroaders will be wearing special jerseys to be auctioned off during the game to help in cancer research. There are also other items to be auctioned as well. We’ll be giving out a phone number and more information for those of you listening on TeamLine so you can call in bids for your favorite player’s jersey or other items. Rain has come through the area, but the field is covered and the sky is clearing. The weather looks to be good by start time and the game an exciting one.


  1. Raining again, field recovered, standing by. Shouldn't last long, we hope

  2. Rail stopped, we're back on!

  3. PINK STRIKEOUT NIGHT Auction. Phone Numbers to call bids in are: 731-446-1389 for Josh and 731-446-1388 for Leah

  4. Standing by, I need a train whistle or two, some delicious food from The Yard, and another win over the Hoppers. Am I asking too much? I think not. #RollTrain