Monday, June 26, 2017

Time to corral the Stallions

Tonight we play a make-up game with the Stallions that was rained out Sunday last week. The 7-12 Stallions are coming into Fulton after a victory over the Chiefs last night and are currently in 4th place in the East Division standings. Our 9-11 Railroaders now have 2 straight wins and are looking for more. Fulton remains in 3rd position in the West Division, just 2 games behind the leader Hoptown.

The Railroaders have played the Stallions only once in Muhlenberg and were beaten. Today the Steeds come to the Yard for a little corralling by the Railroaders. Including tonight, we have 3 more regular season games with Muhlenberg. We need take these games.

Our bats have proven themselves. Pitching continues to improve. The ability to come back in a game has been demonstrated. However, fielding should be focused on reducing or eliminating errors, wild pitches and passed balls. Of 152 runs scored against us, only 107 were earned. There are 45 unearned runs we’ve given up to our opponents, 30% of the total runs allowed. Five of the Railroaders 11 losses were a result of unearned runs scored by the opposition.

Remove mistakes and we win more games. I know the occasional error will occur, but the mental mistakes need to go. Let’s see a clean game tonight and I’m betting we win our 3rd straight game. Keep the streak going! See you at the Yard or online TeamLine.


  1. Some things are still the same at the YARD. PA music and sound effects are entertaining, supportive and generally a distraction to our opponent. Fans still encourage their team and deride the umpires without hesitation. And yes, the short field in right makes for interesting strategy and exciting plays. Love HOGHEAD too!

    But last night's contest manifests the sad statistic that our players are not producing under pressure. Do not be fooled by two successive wins! A 3-2 ballgame sounds great but that had to be one of the ugliest games of the year; there are a lot of bad teams this year. We won only because the other team was worse.

    Here are some of the facts: (1) despite having a runner(s) in scoring position every inning we consistently failed to put the ball in play, striking out 9 times, (2) in the 8th inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs we struck out twice before finally putting the ball in play resulting in two unearned runs, (3) the big hits of the game were a Sac Bunt and a Sac Fly which of course were followed with a strikeout with a runner on third, and (4) we flopped one inning by a dumb attempt to steal third.

    Hoping to see the best players on the field tonight. Go Hunter! Guess you will have to be the leader.

  2. A lot of baseball and a lot of long bus rides your going to get your off night here and there
    But two come back wins in a row I'll take that anytime. Go Railroaders!!!!

  3. That's right! Roaders are a team and it is not an individual sport, they boys did great! Let's go team!!!

  4. Sa-lotta excitement at the YARD last night.
    But Su-posa the umpire doesn't blow the call at third

    Pitchers have looked great during this 3 game streak
    Hunter is my first half MVP; Jake is close behind

    Hope to see you all in Paducah tonight
    Looking for four in a row