Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Chiefs on the warpath

First of all, the loss to Hoptown last night hurts as we were simply out played. BUT it’s over and done. Let’s put it to rest and move on.

Now we must face off with the Chiefs tonight in Fulton.  We have 4 more games with the warriors before closing the regular season. Four times before we have fought with the Chiefs and 4 times we’ve lost the battles. “Why?” I asked myself. So I cloaked myself and infiltrated the head-to-head numbers to investigate.

The most glaring difference between these teams is Runs and Earned Runs. The Chiefs have given up 16 runs to the Railroaders and 14 of them were earned. However, the Railroaders have allowed the Chiefs 33 runs total with 22 earned. The 10 errors Fulton had must have contributed to that, Paducah had only 4 against us. The Railroaders have improved of late in the area, so we should be ready to resolve that issue.

No doubt the Chiefs pitching has assaulted the Railroaders. Their team ERA is 3.50 against us while ours is 5.82 against them. We can improved in that area as well. Bobo is back from his injury and another fresh new arm may be coming our way.

The Chiefs have been timely at the plate battling us. Of their 33 runs scores, 28 were RBI. Percentage wise the Railroaders right are there with them, 13 RBI for 16 runs total.  Hits are pretty much equal, Chiefs have 41 and Railroaders 39. Runners left on base are 30 for the Chiefs and 40 for the Railroaders.

There are 9 games total left to play before the Post-Season contest. Fulton has 3 days of Home games to complete with one tonight, a doubleheader tomorrow (Bombers) and Saturday against the Chiefs again. We need Fan support at all them. Hope you can make to the Yard for some intense baseball. Let’s fire it up!


  1. At the Yard getting ready for tonight's battle.

  2. Listening from Redmond, WA
    Kim Geiger

  3. The Salata's are back home but wishing we were back at the yard. Go Railroaders!!!!!! It was wonderful to meet so many people in Fulton.

  4. The Sterns are listening from home - Highland Park (not Webster!) #rolltrain!

  5. Score please? Often please?