Saturday, July 8, 2017

Two down, next game up is Hoppers at the Yard

"I was told he does a really good job"
Good win last night with a little nail biting at the end just to make it a somewhat sweeter. The quest continues tonight the Hoptown Hoppers coming into Fulton. It will be another great night for baseball, warm but the humidity reasonable.

The Railroaders and Hoppers have met 5 times thus far with a 3-2 record in favor of the Hoptown. There are 3 more regular season games between them, one here tonight and 2 in Hoptown. The Hoppers remain 5 games above us in the West and in first place. A victory tonight will help our cause.

On paper head-to-head, these two teams are pretty even. Going against each other, the team pitching ERA for the Railroaders is 6.55 compared to the Hoppers 6.60. Both teams have given up 33 earned runs to each other.

The Hoppers have scored a total of 46 runs against the Railroaders who in turn have produced 41 runs Team batting average is close as well, Railroaders .274 and the Hoppers .277. Salata really likes to hit the Hoppers. His average is .529 in 5 games and has 4 of his 8 homeruns off Hoptown pitching. We’ll see how he does tonight!

Finally, I see that Junior has taken a tip from Bobo last night and decided to have the team’s barber, Carrington Wilson, give him some style. I’m not quite sure it will improve his looks though. He’ll be on TeamLine tonight as usual with another player (hopefully) providing some more insight. Or I see you at the Yard!


  1. Ready for some baseball! TeamLine on and live with players being interviewed before the Game

  2. Hey Noah Stern's family listening from his hometown of Highland Park, IL - sounding good there Sterno!

  3. Kire listening from my charter bus let's get a dub

  4. That's 6 broken bats for Cramer ��

  5. Way to go Paul. Keep it rolling Railroaders. Pablo's parents listening in.