Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Flash is coming to Fulton

The 1-1 Henderson Flash are at the Yard tonight to play the 0-2 Railroaders. So far we haven’t been able to maintain enough steam to get our first win of the season. Still being short of players isn’t helping either. Perhaps tonight will bring about a turnaround. Rumor has it we have another pitcher aboard, maybe that will be the spark we need to play for a victory.

Speaking of sparks, we need our Fans to get to the Yard by game start which is at 6:00 PM today. I want to remind everyone that Sunday games at home will always begin at 6 PM this season.

The forecast indicates better weather and a little cooler for the game tonight. Should be a nice night for baseball. Oh yeah, there’s always great food to be had. Come on out to the Yard and help support our guys.


  1. I have just been informed that Kody Davidson has signed up with the Railroaders. He is a right handed pitcher from Dyersburg State Community College. He is also a local boy from South Fulton TN.

    Also just informed that the OVL will remain in 2 Division for 2018, East and West. Fulton is in the West, Let’s hope this early confusion both on and off the field has ended!

  2. Teamline system down at park! Oh well, GameChanger is working. Bases loaded, no outs, one run in, B1 looking good early for the Railroaders