Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now that's more like it...

What a pleasant night at the ole’ ballpark last night. The Railroaders were focused and the play showed it, something they lacked the night before. All areas of the team contributed to a solid win against a good team (the very one we have trouble with). Pitching was sturdy; Corey Brown tossed 129 pitches in 7 1/3 innings striking out 9. He threw 3 strikes for every 2 balls and allow only 1 earned run. Arron Varnum came in to finish off throwing 16 strikes, 5 balls and striking out 3.

Defense came through when needed. They kept 11 men on base from scoring, turned a nice double play, and the 2 errors did not result in runs scored. The extra field practice paid off (I noticed when I arrived at the park).

The bats will alive producing hits when we needed them. The 9 hits came from 6 players, with Drew Robertson, Kyle Bondy and Kevin Gillespie getting 2 hits each. There were still 7 men left on base but another 6 got across for a good win. Proud of them boys, I am. And they whipped them Hounds too. Great job! Now on to Sikeston, who by the way is one game behind us in second place. You know what do guys, . . . go do it!


  1. i believe you spell his name corEy brown...

  2. By golly, you're right...Corey...thanks, I changed.