Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tale of Two Games . . .

Well I got suited up and waited for the phone to ring, hoping the Railroaders would call upon me to help defeat the 2nd place Bulls . . . and the call never came. Darn, I was looking good too. From what it looks like, they didn’t need my help. Our guys just manhandled the Bulls and drove run after run across the plate in both games last night. At the same time they held the wild beasts to 1 run and 4 hits for 14 innings of play in the doubleheader at Sikeston. Two complete games of pitching by Chris Craycraft and John Selb chalking up 17 strikeouts total, allowing only 1 run and 4 hits and walking 7. Pretty good night’s work, I’d say . . so they really didn’t need me to clean up for them. And what about them Railroaders . . .Error Free baseball, it must have been fun to do that! And the offense. . . as aggressive as they should always be. getting 14 runs across the plate. The only down side would perhaps be the total of 20 men left on base. Thankfully, the Bulls were really stuck in the mud. I wouldn’t count on that tonight though. I heard after both the games, the Bulls had to execute extra running up and down the field. I’m sure they won’t want to repeat that again.

The Guys are playing well and appear to be getting better. I’ll probably have to hang my uniform back up for now. Since they can’t use me on the field, I’ll give my advice to them here: We’re 3 games away from Mid-point of the season. We have a 2 game lead in first place over the Greyhounds. It is time to widen the gap as much as possible and go into the second half of the season with the other teams chasing us. The Oilers did that very thing over the last good third of last year’s season. It’s much harder to play catch-up. You’re playing well, stay focused and you’ll win. And watch out for the Bulls’ horns tonight and see you Friday night at home.

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  1. I agree fantastic wins last night
    go railroaders