Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out with the Dogs and In with the Cats

Well someone told be today that there were Bobcats heading our way tonight and thru Saturday. More so, they told me these cats were Blue! I suppose blue cats are more dangerous than, let’s say cats. I see the Cats did beat the Dogs twice in their first 3 game series, so they must be more aggressive than the Dogs. Well I’m here to tell you that I’m ready at the first sign of them, and I’m sure the Railroaders will be too. This will be the first time we’ve faced such critters and it’s going to be interesting. I wonder how a blue bobcat rug would look in my den under the grandstand?

With yesterday a rest day, the Railroaders have had time to put things in perspective. We’re at .500 ball with a 6-6 record, the same record we have last year after 12 games. After we scrap the Bobcats this weekend, we will have seen them all and we’ll only get better when we face them again later in the season. The race is a long way from the finish and we have the players to get to the finish line first. Time to start building the steam pressure up, Boys!


  1. Marion looks pretty tough on paper.
    They have added some pitching, and I think they have the right stuff to stick it out at the top this season. I thought they might be about 3-9 right now.

  2. to correct hoghead, the railroaders have seen the cats already, splitting a two game series with them.

  3. Well Well yeeeha I just got in from a trip Hoghead and Hear we Tamed those Kitties,Im so glad we worked our way to another win, cant wait to see the stats, sounds like we fed them sum purina cat chow..chow..chow...chow...
    Cats have been known to have a bad time in fulton anyways,we have traps for them critters,He He, and our boyz fired it up tonight and rolled on. All aboard for FRiday night...dont ya just luv Fridays.Get the traps set and lets carry the cats off agin,I will be there under the stands with ya buddy..The coal is Ready.
    Pitching will be the King of Sling..Cory White,gosh those balls are fast whewww
    Roll Train!!!!!

  4. Yes, I stand corrected, we did play them twice in Marion. My mistake, wasn't my first and won't be my last. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Thursday night was great in every way. Weather perfect for baseball, great crowd, great giveaways, great team-effort, great final score. But, we gotta be wary, UC won too. Let's don't let them slip up on us. They can never catch us.....if we keep winning.


  6. If we can win all the games this homestand with the Bobcats, then I don't care if U.C., in fact more power to them. They are playing the Oilers and we're 3 games behind them. Owensboro and Tradewater are the teams to gain on now. Let's keep the pressure on!