Sunday, July 20, 2008

The 3 way battle for 2nd seed.

With a magic number of 1, it seems apparent that the Pirates will take the season pennant. The 2nd place position is still far from being decided, but we will know by this time next week who will play who in the Post Season Playoffs. The Railroaders, Hounds and Oilers are now going to fight it out for that 2nd seat. The Pirates will have some say in it too as they come into Fulton on Wednesday for 2 games and test the Railroaders' ability to come back and make a play for it. While we scrap with the Bucs, the Greyhounds will be in Bobcat country for 2 and the Oilers will be hosting the Firebirds for 2 days of doubleheaders. The Railroaders end the regular season on Friday and Saturday with the Bobcats in our Yard, as the Oilers and Hounds close it out in Owensboro.

So the question is, which of the 3 teams bidding for 2nd seed are hungry enough to take it? I’m sure each one of them will be thinking about it over the next 3 days as the Kitty League All Stars go and face the CICL in Huntingburg. I like and choose to believe the Railroaders have it in themselves to make it happen. It comes down holding our position by winning against the league leader Pirates, beating the Bobcats, and possibly taking out the Oilers in a make-up game yet to be played. What’s it going to be, Railroaders? It’s up to the team to get their act together, plus the fans continued support. I’ll be there, good or bad, and I hope the players and fans are too.


  1. Well Hog head looks like to me out of the teams fighting for the second seed our Railroaders have the toughest venue,but with that said, we have them all at home!! Sooo come on fans these guys Fire It Up lots better with us behind them, If we can make a differance with home field advantage, we need to capitolize with it. Sure its gonna be hot, but lets stoke that boiler,fire it up and cheer these guys on this last 4 game homestretch of the reg. season.
    I know if this crews is pumped up they have the defense and the bats to do what it takes to secure that 2 seed.Our Pitching crew has gotta hold strong and like Elvis Said
    "Take Care Of Business" T.C.B. baby
    Roll that Train!!

  2. Attendance this summer has been a joke. Lets get some people out to The Yard these last two series

  3. We probably have a good chance to win some games, because the Pirates will probably throw off for the rest of the regular season, and save some arms, so they really care about Marion and the Railroaders, and know that Farmington will be easy pickins.

  4. Yeah, Tradewater has it their way fer sure, fer sure. Must be nice to not care about the last few games and rest. We don't have that chance. And, this All Star is OK, but it cramps our style some.

  5. Dont just assume that the firebirds are done. They can be spoilers