Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enough Already!!!

Did anyone at the Yard last night see or hear that Greyhound beating me with a baseball bat? I needed help and no one came to my rescue. Looks like the Railroaders had the same problem, no one stepped up and took dogs by the collar to put them in their place. What’s going on, guys? Three straight losses to the Greyhounds? Please, no, I can’t stomach the pain. I’ve told Marlene to go back to the circus. Apparently the Hounds were too attracted to her and really out-performed themselves to impress her. After all, she is good with four-legged creatures.

Now back to the Railroaders. What happened to our enthusiasm and zeal for the game? Everyone has a bad game, but really, I can’t believe our guys have given up. Well, the Bobcats are next, and my face can’t take much more scratching up or my good looks will be gone forever. We have 2 games with the Felines to turn things around and come back to face the Bulls for a couple of nights beginning on Wednesday. Then the Oilers in town on Friday. There’s a lot of work ahead to get done, and it’s time we get up and get moving! The Fans are behind you, Railroaders, now go play some ball!

1 comment:

  1. Geeze Hoggy, I had no idea that was you takin that bat beatin last night, It was a pounding,I had made my was out and under homers landing deck those folks were havin a good time and dropping some good scraps, Our guys have got to Fire it up and get this train rollin,Coach Davis got Fired up late in game 2, and the guys almost turned it around at the end,but to little to late- time to tame some bobcats-meoww-They are struggling and looking for a home win,We need to glove it up and get the sticks going tonight,
    Bang Bang and get on back to the yard.
    Fire it up guys!
    P.S.-Great fan support last night-hope they all are back wednesday!!