Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That’s more like it, now bring on the Bulls!

Two straight road wins, that’s what I’m talking about. Now that we put the Cats out, let’s remember that the next time we face the Dogs! So it’s time to come home and fight the Bulls for 2 games starting Wednesday and then the Oilers on Friday night. I've been showing coaches Davis and Allen a few of the finer points on Bull riding, I do have some experience you know.

The Bulls are hot of late having won 5 of 6 games since they left our Yard 10 days ago. We opened up the season at home with a loss against the Bulls then took them down the next 2 games. Since then, they’ve beat the Greyhounds 2 times, the Bobcats 1 of 2, and the Oilers twice. Now what’s wrong with that picture?

Our wins against the Bobcats pulled us out of a quagmire of 4 straight losses that included a 3 game sweep by the Dogs. We’ll take no more of that! It’s obvious that the Bulls are looking to tack more on to a 2 game winning streak at the expense of the Railroaders. Especially since they loss their last 2 games against us, including that 22-8 shellacking in the second game, which I’m sure, they won’t soon forget. The Cats are one thing, the Bulls another and we need to be ready for every and anything. Let’s don’t rest on our laurels of past victories. Time to focus and continue with our momentum. We’re only 2 games behind the leading Pirates, tied with the Oilers, and a game and a half behind the 2nd place Bulls. Time to make a move!

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  1. ride em cowboy, its time for the railroaders to spur some bull,kick sum a@& and get back on top of the pack jack! get this train fired up and rolling,you can do it!