Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to Burn some Oil

What a game it was last! I was proud to see so many Railroader Fans stick around after the rain delay to watch the guys come back and win over the Bulls. Despite falling behind again early in game, the Railroaders kept after them and it paid off with a big 8th inning scoring spree. Don’t ever give up, that’s what I like about baseball.

I got up early this morning and headed to the oil field to check out Owensboro for the game tonight. The Oilers come into town with a 6-5 record, just a half game lead ahead of us in 2nd place. We’ve got 3 games with them this weekend, one in Fulton tonight and 2 in Owensboro Saturday and Sunday. The Oilers have won 1 game in their last 5 games, losing 2 straight to the Bulls and Pirates before beating the Greyhounds on Wednesday. The Oilers appear on paper to be very much like our Railroaders as far as stats, an even match up for the Railroaders. It’s our first meeting with the club this year, and it’s important we make our present known. It will be a great time for us to gain some ground in the standings with some wins over Owensboro. So let’s go Fans, and help get the Railroaders off on the right foot tonight in Fulton before they head to Oiler land for completion of their 3 game series.


  1. Why has Tim Dunn not been noted as being drafted yesterday?

  2. Having just heard about Tim Dunn being drafted yesterday, I hit the Kitty League webmaster over the head with a bat for not being more on top of things. I believe he has corrected this oversite and posted Tim's info on the league's website. I intend to do some more press box "informing" tonight! Of course it could be that the Railroader's staff is so busy with managing all the things it takes run a team, that this bit of info didn't get passed out.

  3. Man y'all I remember those oilers and they need to get a beating. I dont think I got a hit off them all year and they hit me around every time they saw me. Go get em y'all! Fire it up!

    -Captain Kirksey from North Carolina

  4. Good to hear something from ya Kevin-Hope you are doing well-looks like the train got to Rollin last night-Now on to oilville-
    Fire it up!!

  5. that wasnt kirksey