Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poor driving will get you every time.

Well it wasn’t pretty for the Hounds tonight, but they didn’t run into our train. Instead, they ran off into a ditch, smashed up their front and couldn’t pull the bus out in 9 innings to overtake us. We’ll take it! The Railroaders had me a bit concerned with an error on the very first play of the game. But they buckled down and finally got the defense working to help Tyler Farley hold the dogs to 2 runs. We were fortunate the bus, which was clearly aimed at us, didn’t plow us under and went off the road instead. We’ll see the Greyhounds 3 more times before the season is over, so they’ll have some time to fix it.

Now we’re off to Tradewater for 3 games. The Pirates loss tonight and slip back to 2nd place with us a ½ game behind in 3rd. The Oilers victory over the Pirates put them back into 1st, just one game ahead of us. So let’s gets some wins over Tradewater, because the Oilers are headed to Fulton on Monday and Tuesday for 2 games. It’s time to MOVE guys! Mid-season is approaching and it’s our chance to take control.

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