Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain on Our Parade, will you!

Another night, another road trip to Owensboro, and still we couldn't get a break from the rain and lightning. You think the Oilers had it planned that way? Meanwhile, the rest of the league got to play their 2 game series with interesting results. With both the Cats and Dogs, and the Bucs and Bulls split their series causing the League standings to stay the same. In fact, the top 3 teams are in the same position they were before the weather fouled things up on Sunday. The Railroaders remain in 3rd place just 1 game behind the leading Oilers with the Bucs wedged between us by a half a game. Oh, what could have been had we'd been allowed to play the Oilers in the 3 games, now postponed.

Well onward and upward I always say. We face the Hounds now beginning on Wednesday, at home in the Yard. While the the Bulls go off to Marion for a couple with the Bobcats, the 2nd place Bucs head to rainy Owensboro for 2 games. I wonder what kind of weather the Oilers have planned to maintain their position. Not a problem for us though. Let's get pumped back up and take these 2 games with the Greyhounds. Wins will ensure that we move up in the standings and really put the pressure on the remaining leader.

So Boilerstoker and I are headed by to the yard for Wednesday's outing. We did decided to leave our rain gear for Bucs fans to use, and as a reminder to the Oilers "We'll be Back!"

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