Thursday, June 25, 2009

Run over by a Bus!

Did anyone get the number of the bus that ran the Railroaders and me down last night? I'm sure none of us excepted such a smashing loss to the dogs last night, but it happened none the less. I believe the game was even uglier than me! Well, we've just got to get back up off the blacktop and go again tonight. New day, new ballgame. The standings don't chance much, we're still in 3rd, a game and a half behind the now league leading Pirates who beat the Oilers on Wednesday night. The Dogs move up a little and are biting at our heels again. So let's fire up the engine and get back on the track. I know this bus can't survive a collision with a train.


  1. cannot believe that the coach is not playing the Hatfield player more/ This is a very good utility player who has won many MVP awards. He was named Mvp by Cal Ripkin Jr when his South Lex teamwon the National A/L tournament.and MVP of Florida Westminster nat,tourn,.I know this young man came in late but he need somr playing time to get geared up.

  2. The railroaders few hits were right to the hounds and the hounds many hits were right in the gaps

  3. Sounded bad on Teamline. Our offense is never strong but usually defense is strong enough to overcome the batting shortfalls. Let's go Railroaders!! Time to prove we can beat the UC group handily and from the 1st inning.


  4. Ahhh what a night, this was one of those games in which a bus should have stopped the bleeding
    But hey ,Hopefully got the miscues out of the way and this train can fire it up and plow over the bus tonight-Unioncityidous has got to stop and that starts with a win tonight, The Hounds will be a barkin but our horn will be lowder,well maybe not lowder that this 1 certain UC fan this dude has some lungs,Our crew will get it on track tonight and hopefully show some offense and recover from the defensive struggle last night,
    Roll Train