Saturday, July 23, 2011

Down to the wire

Our win last night and Owensboro's come-from-behind victory over Marion, makes the final finish for the top 3 team as tight as it can be. A defeat of the Bobcats tonight in the Yard will lock Marion in 3rd place and ensure Fulton a 2nd in the standings. A Railroader win tonight is all we can control in a confusing ending on the season.

The Oilers have held on to their half game lead, and must now face off with the frustrated Pirates tonight. With 2 games left and planted in 4th place, the Bucs will be playing for pride in far away places. The Oilers also have 2 games remaining and would need to dropped both for the Railroaders to take 1st if Fulton wins on Saturday. One of those 2 games for Owensboro is a suspended tie with Marion going into the bottom of the 11th inning. Will it have to be played?

The Bobcats aren't finished yet either with a shot at 2nd in the standings. With 3 games yet to complete, the Cats could end up tied with the Railroaders in that spot. "Sudden death game?"

So there's still plenty of drama to be had in the 2011 regular season, then we have the Post
Season Playoff series. Post season games are due to begin on Tuesday, yet there's still no clear picture of seeding for the playoffs other than the Bucs in 4th. Can or will the Pirates help the Roaders, and spoil the mix on Saturday and Sunday for the Oilers and Cats?

Go Railroaders! Go Pirates!

Final thought on the Pirates: If Tradewater wins their last 2 games and Marion is beaten in all their 3 remaining games, They would be tied at the bottom of the standings.


  1. We hear you fine in Michigan!

  2. Just tried to get the score of the pirates- oilers game. Not being broadcast.

  3. Listening in south fulton - keep that lead, Roaders! Roll Train!!

  4. Lookin at the Pirate website, looks like home cookin may have got started again. Hate to go to the Oilers. They have the men in blue on their side most of the time. Been that way all year.

  5. They have had blue for several years