Friday, July 22, 2011

Railroaders' best chance for the Pennant

The Owensboro Oilers, currently in 1st by 0.5 games, have 3 games left to complete. They are 1 with the Pirates on Saturday, and 2 with the Bobcats in which one is the suspended game (tied) from July 10.

The Marion Bobcats are currently 1 game behind us in 3rd and 1.5 in back of the Oilers. The Bobcats have 4 games left; 1 with the Railroaders on Saturday, 1 in Tradewater on Sunday, and of course 2 against the Oilers with 1 tonight and the other being the suspended game.

The Railroaders must win their last 2 games to get a 23-19 record. Should that occur, here are three possible situations:

1) If the Oilers win 2 of 3 games left, we’re tied in 1st place. If they don’t play the suspended game and win the other 2, they’re in 1st place by a 0.5 game. The Railroaders would have to insist on the completion of the suspended game. If they lost it we’d be tied in 1st place, a win would give them the season title finishing 24-18.

2) Oilers lose 2 of 3, they finish 2nd second place a game in back of us at 22-20.

3) The Bobcats are different story, behind us by 1 game with 4 to complete. Assuming we win our 2 final games, one being with the Bobcats, that 1 loss finishes them off because the best record they could achieve would be 22-20.

The Pirates are the spoilers in this finish. They have 3 games left, one with each team. Bottom line, we win 2 and the pressure is on the Oilers & Bobcats.


  1. Hello from Rhode Island. Hear you very clear. Hitem hard tonight Alex. Go Railroaders.

  2. How do you get picked off twice on second. Third base coach sleeping. Get in the game.

  3. We pulled this thing out- even without goosebump! sure could have used a oiler loss, lets hope the Pirates and upset them tomorrow night and we can whip the kitties-
    GOOD WIN TONIGHT GUYS! Thanks for workin so hard fulton luvs you guys!