Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Railroaders vs The Flash

The East swept the West in last night OVL action, so the standings remain the same for both Divisions. While the East Bombers appear to be running away leading their division by 5.5 games. The West is a different story and a much tighter division with the Hoppers only one game ahead of the Railroaders and 1.5 games in front of the Chiefs and Miners.

The Flash jumped ahead on the Railroaders last night early with a 7-0 lead after the first 3 innings, but our Railroaders fought back in the game scoring 6 runs in mid game. Unfortunately we were unable to gain any further ground and lost the game.

Tonight we face off once more with the Flash in our fourth meeting this year. Of the three previous games the Railroaders took the first 2 games. The Flash is a much improved team as we approach mid season. They are in second place in the East (5.5 behind the Bombers). They surely won’t be letting up tonight at the Yard. The stats show each team matches up well with the other.

The Railroaders rested for two days before they suffered the defeat last night in Henderson. They should be more than ready now for a race to victory tonight . Once thing is for sure, we expecting another good game in Fulton today. First pitch is at 7:05 and we’ll be there and online with TeamLine. Let’s fire it up!


  1. Get ready for Railroaders baseball! Join in on teamline at 6:50 and play by play at 6:55! First pitch at 7:05. Let's go Railroaders!

    1. Go Flash from Jeffersonville, Indiana

  2. it's pronounced Aaron EYE-ler and it's Marty CORE-sey.

  3. Hi All, Pauls parents are watching! :)

  4. as aiways Paul Salata,s parents are watching

  5. Let's go Railroaders! Laura & Ruben Caballero from Lemont, Il