Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Pony Express Arrives at Lohaus Field

Yeeeeeee-Hawwwwww! The Stallions are storming into Fulton tonight for Round 2 in this wild west showdown for Father's Day Baseball. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in the Railroader Family! The Railroaders are looking to mount up on the Stallions and deliver them a loss tonight. In round 1 last night in the showdown the Stallions took the win 13-9. The Railroaders hit the ball pretty well with 11 hits and 3 Stallion errors. The Railroader hitting including two doubles by Andrew Rapoza and Cody Mitchell. Paul Salata own another extra base hit with a triple in the 5th. On the other hand the Stallions hitting just edged out the Railroaders totaling with 17 hits and 3 Railroader errors. The Stallions also had 3 guys with extra base hits.

Tonight is a new night! With the Hoppers losing to the Bombers last night the Railroaders are still one game back. Tonight would be a nice win with the Hoppers struggling with the Bombers. Along with the batting, the pitching has to stay strong. Lately the bullpen has stepped up and assisted in winning ballgames. Hopefully the railroaders pitching will be on tonight and can get the win!

The full field tarp got put on this morning about 1, and the rain blew in about 11 this morning and moved out. The sun is out drying everything out, but another chance of rain at 4 and 5 we will see if it can blow over for railroader baseball. Stay tuned for updates! If the game is on Teamline will be on at 6:50 with video and 6:55 for play by play! Join online or in the stands for Father's Day baseball. Go Railroaders!

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