Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Oilers for two more games

The Owensboro Oilers return to the Yard tonight for the first of two games with the Railroaders. The second game will be in Owensboro on Sunday. These will be the final regular season games we have with the Oilers who have beaten us twice already. The question remains if the Railroaders can turnaround that trend.

Having loss 4 straight games now, the Railroaders, including the Fans, need an attitude check. Charles Swindoll wrote, “ is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how we respond to it” and I firmly believe that to be true. We are only defeated if we get knocked down and don’t get back up.

The rainout yesterday gave an unexpected extra day to rest this week. However, the Railroaders now have seven straight days of games to play without a break, beginning with the Oilers. Both teams are in 3rd in their respective divisions and have played 18 games. The Oilers are a game better with an 8-10 record over the 7-11 Railroaders. Enough said on stats other than to say the Railroaders are much better than their current record indicates.

As we approach the mid point of the regular season, tonight would be a good time to reverse the current trend, both on and off the field. Players, Coaches and Fans need to pick up their game play. Let’s stoke up a good head of steam and get a win!


  1. Game day going live video in 5 minutes! Let's go Railroaders! Beat the Oilers!

  2. Not able to get video...Radio working fine

  3. Watching from Lemont, Il. Go Railroaders!!
    Laura & Ruben Caballero