Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bombers to attack the Yard tonight

After a hard rain this morning, hopefully the field will dry in time for the game. The mighty Bombers fly into Fulton to take on the Railroaders for their second meeting this year. The Bombers are definitively a force to contend with. Last night the Railroaders fell to Dubois County losing their 5th game in a roll.  Time to turn it around! 

We can ill afford to make mistakes with the Bombers. They have won 20 games thus far compared to the Railroaders' 10 wins. I'm sure they will be very confident coming into the Yard. But baseball can produce surprising results, especially against a team that appears to be struggling (or are we). So how about it Railroaders? Think we can come up with something special? I do and I expect a good game that is before us tonight. Let's fire it and get back on the winning track!


  1. Didn't have anything new to say so I didn't plan on commenting again. But your latest blog was either your worse diction or perhaps your best sarcasm. Here's what I assume you were saying:

    (1) we "rolled" over to our 5th straight loss,
    (2) our mistakes are sickening; like in "ill",
    (3) you will be "surprised " if we win tonight,
    (4) the Bombers "struggled" last night but still won,
    (5) something special like "Special K" cereal; another night with double digit strikeouts,
    (6) the good game will be "before" we play,
    (7) "fire" the coach and we might win.

  2. Let me put it this way, I was lacking enthusiasm as I hurried to post an entry before taking a nap. Besides, a mistake sickness is going around. At the Yard now, heavy rain finishing up but field is covered. Standing by.

  3. Ok, I cleaned up my post a bi, mustn't let a bad attitude keep me from improving. There's a thought, improving. Maybe that can be an illness too.

    The rain has stopped, getting excess water off the tarp. Game still on at this time.

  4. Umpires arrive and call the game off, outfield too wet they say. Good job anyway to the ground crew for getting want appears to be a good field to play on.