Friday, July 7, 2017

One game at time, Miners next.

One step at a time to the top.
After a win on Monday, then two postponed games on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Railroaders find themselves at the bottom of the latter, 5.5 games behind the West leading Hoppers. They are 2 games behind the Chiefs and 2.5 games behind the Miners. This makes tonight’s game an important step up for the Railroaders.

With a record of 11-17, Fulton has 12 games left to produce a comeback in the 11 days remaining in regular season. The second place 15-16 Miners have only 9 games left to play. These two West teams have met 7 times their final regular season game tonight. The Miners lead the season series 4-3. It is needless to say the significance this game in elevated. 

What about the rest of our season? Excluding tonight game, in the West the Railroaders have 4 games with the Chiefs and 3 with Hoptown. In the East there remains 3 games with the Bombers and one with the Stallions. The next week will reveal it’s own results in it’s own good time. We really don’t need to look at the end of the road. Playing the game at hand will take us to the finale. So for now, I say focus on the game in front of us.

The Miners have added a couple of new players of late and have faltered a bit losing 3 or their last four games. The Railroaders broke out of a 6 straight game loss on Monday with a convincing victory over the Stallions. Our team played with enthusiasm and the fans were there to fuel the fire. The Railroaders are poised to make a run and I still believe they can do it. One game at a time!


  1. Great night for baseball at the Yard. If you're near, don't miss out. 7:05 first pitch. Relay for Life Fight Cancer Night too. Silent Auction . . Details coming on TeamLine for those who want to bid.

  2. Tonight's details for the silent auction...
    What's for Sale?
    Every player jersey for a $10 minimum bid
    2 autographed pink bats for $75 minimum bid each
    2 autographed baseballs $10 minimum bid
    2 autographed ball
    1 railroader hat (not autographed) $30 minimum bid
    Who to call?
    John Holzner- 731-223-1255
    Cubb Stokes- 270-627-4040
    When does the bidding end?
    Bidding will end at the end of the 7th inning
    Who does the proceeds go for and who is it sponsored by?
    All proceeds go to Relay for Life and tonight's game is sponsored by Citizen's Bank

  3. Ignore the second baseballs, there are only 2 autographed baseballs

  4. Cramer family listening !!
    Hey Taylor...our favorite OB pitcher 😉
    I put a bid on my favorite catchers jersey
    Keep my informed
    Go Roaders

  5. Listening from Lemont Illinois. Let's go Railroaders!
    Laura & Ruben Caballero

  6. Listening from Madisonville. What's the score?