Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hope springs eternal

Dad and Mom always said, "Hope springs eternal!"
The loss last night to the Chiefs unfortunately placed Railroaders at the bottom of the West for good I think. The only chance Fulton has to take 3rd place requires the Chiefs to beat the Flash tonight, and the Railroaders win over the Stallions with scoring 31 runs. That would leave invoke the second tiebreaker of most runs scored (Head-to-head Miners & Railroaders 4-4, Runs scored Miners 269 & Railroaders currently 239). I’m sorry to say, I don’t believe that is going to happen.

With all that behind, we must look forward to the post season playoffs. It will be a difficult road for the Railroaders. Round One will begin Friday with the Railroaders traveling to Dubois County to take on the Bombers for the first game of the best of three series. Saturday Fulton will host the second game at the Yard. If a third game is necessary it will be in Dubois.

It’s the last chance for the Railroaders to shine. It will be tough, but it can be done though. The Railroaders held their own against the mighty Bombers beating them 2 of 4 games this season; they just need to beat them on the road. Fulton’s road record is a dismal 4-15 so far. Hopefully they can get a road win tonight and finish the regular season on a positive note. Time to move on to the playoffs with fire in our eyes.

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  1. Aunt Marge from Conn is hoping, wishing and praying for good things tonight. Put your heart in it and it will be a great game