Monday, July 17, 2017

Time to make some quick repairs and keep going

Too many leaks last night kept us from getting a full head of steam. Let’s plugged the situation up and get back to winning. Only 3 games to go before the Playoffs. If we want a better seed position, wins are a must now.

On to Hoptown tonight. Tomorrow in Paducah again, and Wednesday at the Stallions. What’s it going to be?

There is on sure way to win the 2nd seed in the West. If the Railroaders can win their final 3 games, they will have the West's second standing sown up. If not, there are several combinations that would need to occur. Bottom line, it's up the team to get victories on the Road.

The unknown that stands for now is whether we host a home playoff game on Thursday or Friday.

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