Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Situation Room

The loss by Fulton and the win by Madisonville over Paducah last night sent the Railroaders to the bottom of the West Division standings. Paducah dropped to 3rd in the standings losing to Madisonville who moved up to 2nd place.

In order for the Railroaders to retake the 2nd seed and home field advantage in Round One of the Playoffs:
  1. The Railroaders must win tonight against the Chiefs in Paducah AND beat the Stallions in Mulhenberg on Wednesday.
  2.  The Hoppers will have to defeat the Miners tonight, which will complete Madisonville’s regular season.
  3.  The Chiefs’ final game on Wednesday against the Flash won’t matter.
When the smoke clears, any tie in the standings between the Railroaders and either the Miners and/or Chiefs will move Fulton down as both teams have won the tie breaker.

Road games have not been kind to the Railroaders this year. Hopefully the final two games will be a turn around for Fulton. Time will tell. The question remains, will we play on Friday or Saturday at the Yard?


  1. 7 errors really??? who ya beat like that , o ya yourself every time

  2. Please keep us posted on the rain delay situation

  3. Please follow Twitter @roadersbaseball for update on the tonight's game.