Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Fulton Railroaders' 2007 Baseball Season

Well we're finally heading down the tracks on this 2007 season of Railroaders baseball. After the first 10 games with a record of 6-4, the team seems to be coming together and finding their ability to win. Excluding Game 2’s disastrous loss, the only real issue we appear to have is run production. Too many guys left on base…enough to have directly contributed to 3 of the 4 losses.

Pitching is been pretty good with a total team ERA of 3.96. As I looked over my score cards of the first 10 games, I was glad to see all the practice I had with the Pitchers has paid off some. They have only hit 17 batters thus far.., I just wish I'd thought about using a helmet like the real batters do! Looking further at my scores cards, I see they have thrown 1,196 pitches by my count and 736 of them have been strikes, better than 60%. I also find they are striking out 18% of their batters. All in all, I feel good about our pitching and believe they are settling in.

There are some nice batting averages in the line-up for first 10 games. Reinke and Owen over .300, with Gilliespie and Bolden over .400! Everyone seems to be on the "up-swing", so to speak. 4 homeruns by 4 players, 82 hits total, 34 RBI's and those 90 marooned "left on base" guys. It's like a flood gate about to burst! If we break that open, the Railroaders are going to be hard to beat.

Tied now with Tradewater Pirates in the league lead, but we’ve yet to face Union City. We had a hard time with them last year, the only team we didn't have a better one on one record with. And that includes the 2006 Kit League champion Oilers. After facing the other 4 teams this year, none have a series record better than us. Just as it was at the end of last year. Thursday night we'll begin to see if the Railroaders will turn that around and include the Greyhounds in with the rest of them.….

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  1. our railroaders should have a great season, As every true fan knows those Hounds always offer up a serving of upset to our railroader no matter who the players are, but tonight we take it to their house, Our railroaders should serve those dogs a super size fido platter of hits and runs.
    Keep the train rolling folks we have just begun