Saturday, June 16, 2007

It must be Love

Did you know “Fan” comes from “Fanatic”? Well I must be one, cause I still love my Fulton Railroaders even though we allowed ourselves to get bitten again last night. I don’t know what they put in the dog biscuits in Union City, but whatever it is, they’ve got some pretty tough pooches over there. Those Greyhounds chewed the Railroaders up with a 11-3 mauling, the second time in as many nights. I’m still trying to understand what happened after we got an early 3-2 lead after three innings. Oh wait . ., pitching! All I can say is, it looks as though the train is pulling in for water instead of rolling down the track with a full head of steam; we’re certainly in need of something or someone. Well . . , we’re sending one of our best pitchers to the mound tonight for a 3rd try to tame the dogs, at home. Cory White is 2-0 thus far this season, and throws a strong game with an ERA of 1.93. Nice fast ball too! I won’t say much about our offense. We did score 3 runs, which is good enough to win a game, but hard to overcome when so many hits and runs are allowed from the mound. I’m ready though, got me some cool Goodyear sunglasses. I’ll be able to hide easy in the crowd which I’m sure will have several dog fans seated around. I think all the Railroader fans should come out and help stare down the Hounds. It’s our chance to get even in the standings with Union City before we hit the road next week for 4 away games.

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