Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tonight's game and KIT Website

I finally got the bleeding to stop and good thing too. Tonight's game at home against Union City will require all the blood I have left. I'm still a little nervous about it, our players have had a day off and the last 2 losses came after days off. But I'm sure coach Brian has them in tow though, and I'm looking forward to watching the Greyhounds attempt to race around the track and not get hit by a freight train. The hounds loss their last outing against the Oilers, I'm sure they're looking for a win in Fulton. There may be more in Lohaus Field than they think. If the Railroaders are rolling, the game may just turn out to be a dog training session. Let's see if they can fetch a ball okay!

BTW: Is there something wrong with my browser? I keep going to the KIT League website and there's nothing in the information section but a white screen. The "standings" section has some info, but grossly out of date. Someone must be asleep at the wheel or my computer is broken. Not sure what going on with the other teams' websites either, although I do enjoy the Tradewater Pirates' site. If anyone knows what's going on, let's hear it!

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