Friday, July 20, 2007

Are you ready for some baseball?

I feel like Hank Williams Jr. but during baseball season. 6 games in 3 days oh man. You might want to bring your beds with you and just camp out tonight and tomorrow night. The players will be tired and the fans will also be tired. But the players have to reach down and grab some..... and do it for the fans. The fans that have been there all season to root, and cheer them on. Never,not one time have I heard a boo from the crowd. Not even when the hated greyhounds were in town. We are a town with class and appreciation for our team,no matter what the outcome over the next 3 days. Attendance is very key to our success. We need fans out there,to be tuned into every pitch. Every pitch over the next 3 days is important. Greyhounds better watch out, we are coming.


  1. I agree that we need more fans, cant some people advertise it around town with signs or flyers at walmart, gas stations, etc...

  2. To above: Sounds like the spirit is calling you to do it. Got a computer and printer? Go Railroaders!

  3. look around town,,there are schedules up,look across from walmart today there is a banner up b4 every home game... but please get more info out...feel the force and do it.....