Sunday, July 15, 2007

back where we belong

The RR are back where they belong. In 1st place. U.C. lost to the hapless Oilers, and our win against the Bulls, put us back in 1st place. I was at the U.C. game and they were pathetic. From the leadoff batter all the way to the announcer. He's a real winner. Terrible he is. The only bright spot for the dawgs was Rafael Hill. The 2nd year centerfielder was 3 for 4 and scored the only run for them. Now we go back to U.C. to try to tame the dawgs, maybe they will play like they did tonight and not do anything. If you go to the game tomorrow night in U.C. and you see the fan that talks bad to the umps then holler "theres no crying in baseball" and maybe he will keep his trap shut. He finally left in the 6th inning. We need some fan support tomorrow night and the whole next week. Go RR

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