Saturday, July 21, 2007

F is for Fantastic

Fantastic is for the fans and for the play of our RR last night. We cruised to a 4-0 win in the first game behind C3 and got a great job fielding all around. Flyin Brian must have talked to them and told them it was now or never boys, Put up or shut up. Well we shut the birds up. I think they were in shock especially after the 1st game. The 2nd game was a little closer but we still managed to get the win. With Michael Lucas having early inning trouble the defense once again came through. Shannon Anderson came up with some spectacular running catches and Allen Bolden was all over Center Field. Tyler Rehmel was a perfect fill in for Kevin at short, He chased balls to foul territory in left and made some plays in short right field. Like Harry Carey said, holy cow. Well the Oilers are here tonight and tomorrow for 4 games. Fans we are in 1st place once again. It is a seesaw battle for 1st and #1 seed in the playoffs which mean whomever we play will be in our house. OH YEAH. I am excited. Come on out to the games tonight and support and watch your #1 RR.

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