Friday, July 13, 2007


Oh man. After we put up that big 7 spot on the pirates I knew we were gonna cruise to an easy victory. Not last night maybe they were upset about the night before. If I recall correctly, there were several "calls" that went against them. There was a call at 3rd base on a steal and the runner made it by 10 ft. but was called out. Several times their manager came out to argue something. Anyway they could have felt"train robbed".But my gosh to get outscored 15-1 in the next 7 innings. And to make matters worse U.C. won and is in first place. Maybe we needed to get smacked around a little bit, to wake up and realize the title ain't gonna be ours without a fight. Remember U.C. was denied the championship last year as well. I predict we jump back into 1st place tonight. Tonight I am the Bulls biggest fan. Then we can tame the Bulls tomorrow night.

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