Tuesday, July 10, 2007

day off after going 3-3

The RR are back at it again tomorrow night. We will be playing the Tradewater Pirates. The RR are 4-1 against the bucs this year. Outscoring them 21-15 along the way. If you guys haven't jumped on the band wagon yet, now is the time. The RR are in first place by the slimmest of margins,and need to win 90% of their games in order to hold off a charging greyhound team. The dawgs ain't gonna roll over. Remember they finished in 2nd place last year too. They are going for 1st place this year just like we are. We need to take care of business against the Pirates and put them further in our rear view. I think the other teams are pretty much out of the race now. 3 teams is all it is about. Also remember just because you finish first doesn't mean that you are champions. We have playoffs this year. Now is the time to step it up, change gears, whatever we have to do to get er done. Your attendence is appreciated.

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