Sunday, July 8, 2007

1st place again

Ok before anything is said about the wizard. Yeah I know he comitted 2 errors,so he is having a bad run of luck. Maybe I jinxed him. We are in 1st place once again thanx to the U.C. loss to Tradewater. Man it feels good. Maybe now we can stay there. We travel to Owensboro tomorrow and Monday and should pick up 2 wins. We are 4-1 against them this year, 3-0 at Owensboro. Looks like Zakdaddy pulled through again, and Allen Bolden came through with a couple RBIs. T.O had another big game and so did Corey Hodskins. Wow another complete game from our starting pitcher. I bet we have more complete games than any other team. Someone check that for me. Until Tomorrow night RR fans.

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