Wednesday, July 4, 2007

dawg meat

Well I was at the game and I apologize for any remarks I made towards" The wiz" Kevin Gillespie,maybe it was too early to say anything about his fielding. You are right he is no ozzie smith,that error was uncalled for. It just ran right up his arm and there you have it. The error cost us but thankfully did not cost us the game. With Boldens speed we ran over the dawgs. Tonight is game 2 at 6:05. If you are not too busy from the 4th, please come out and support your local team. Unfortunately I cannot attend I will be out of town. That is why I went to last nights game. RR are looking good and geling at the right time. I am starting to get used to saying sweep,and of course I don't mind.

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  1. Sometimes you get the worm, and sometimes the worm gets you! I'm proud that Gillepie didn't the error get to him, in fact to whole team shook it off. Something I think the Hounds were not able to do.