Thursday, July 5, 2007

You win some, you lose some

It seems we just about ran out of steam before getting to the top of the uphill grade, but we got there and still in first place by 1 game. So what if the Hounds split the 2 games series with us, we’ll see them again for 3 more games in a couple of weeks. They maintain their edge on us in our season series with a 4-3 record; however, we learned valuable lessons from the two encounters. If we don’t take advantage of their mistakes and score, we won’t beat them. Okay, we had a bad game (1 out of the last 4). Leaving 13 men on base is not good and always seems to be our downfall in losing matches. Five of the stranded guys were in the first 2 innings when the dogs seemed to be slow getting started. That was the game killer, at the beginning. Lesson 2 learned; a weak early cycle in the game is difficult to overcome, especially if the team is the Greyhounds.

So on to Farmington, with a pit stop to take on more water and fuel for a better head of steam. Be careful and don’t get burnt by the last place Firebirds. They have nothing to lose and can be a lot of trouble if you turn your back on them. Time to go to work, guys!


  1. Comentary seems to indicate the Owensboro games on Sunday and Monday have been moved to Monday and Tues. Is this correct or just a mis-statement.

  2. The website has been corrected, the game in Owensboro are on Sunday and Monday, thanks.