Saturday, July 7, 2007

what a game

We did it. It took 14 long innings but we did it. First things first. Game #1 unbelievable. Corey White threw an outstanding game but only to end up losing. Farmington has nothing to lose, they are gonna be out for blood against everyone. They are the 2005 Kit league champs and havent done anything since. So why would they not try to win? Game 2. Well we rebounded and won but jeez it took alot out of us. I will be surprised if either team scores today. Game could be won on a error or wild pitch, or walk or, oh never mind. Good luck RR and lets give U.C. a little run for their money at the top of the standings.


  1. Why yes Corey White did throw a great game but why dont you mention the 4 other guys that threw the second game that lasted 14 innings? Those guys threw very very outstanding to keep us in first place! Great job Corey, Sciba, Aaron, and Adam!!!

    Go Railroaders!

  2. sorry bout that. I thought everyone kinda figured that they threw a good game. given the length of the gameand all. Somethings they should just know.

  3. why is it all i hear about on here is cory white? why not these other pitchers that are throwing well.. Selb throws a one hitter on the same mound everyone wanted to blame for white's loss in sikeston.. Craycraft's name that rarely comes up has thrown well in all outings.. Corey Brown is 4-0.. Varnum has been awesome at closing throwing 7 innings in that 14 inning win.. Jeff Sciba has had 7 strikeouts in his last 3 innings.. Adam Williams has just been consistant all year.. Tonight Michael Lucas had a huge 9 inning complete game out helping the Roaders out.. Not to say White has done bad but give these other guys some credit even though they're not from Fulton..

    Thank you, Go Roaders!

  4. I think you're over stating the attention given here to White. You are correct though, all the pitchers are doing a great job. Lucas's outing last night was superb and did a great favor for the bullpen allowing them to rest after the day before.

  5. The Railroaders are very lucky to have so many outstanding Pitchers. They have all done a great job !!!

    Keep up the good work guys!!