Monday, July 23, 2007

Defense, Defense, Defense

Despite the RR going 4-2 over the weekend, their defense was spectacular. Coach Hicks sure does know how to change around the positions,when needed. Everywhere the ball was hit was a RR. Except for the one that landed on top of the police station. Wimsatt got all of that one. The only bad pitch that John threw in the whole game. We must have hit all we could in the first game because we didnt hit much in the 2nd. But you can't say enough about our DEFENSE. Making running grabs, diving stops, diving catches. WOW.
Unfortunately I have a prior engagement and will not be able to attend the season finale on Saturday. But I enjoyed the season and look forward to the playoffs. Attention to any team that may enter Lohaus field for the playoffs, You guys are in trouble.

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