Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good Game!

The Bulls really charged into Fulton with that early 7-0 lead. It took the Railroaders by surprise but they quickly recovered and answered back in find fashion. Scoring constantly through the remainder of game and tighten up defense. That final out catch by Craycraft was a thing to behold. I could go on and on about all the great plays tonight, but I need to get my beauty sleep for my appearance at the game tomorrow night. Hope to see every out at the field to watch the Railroaders go for First. One more win, guys, let's corral those Bulls and bring it home! . . . And thanks go to Oilers also.


  1. Good Luck tonight Guys!! Lets finish the regular season in style. Then move on and take the tournament!!

  2. How SWEET IT IS!!

    One more and we have a lock on 1st place and get the home advantage for the playoffs.

    We NEED to play UC in our place where maybe their fans' poor sportsmanship will be somewhat held back.

  3. can't say how proud i am of y'all! you've really dug deep and come up with some great playin' out there! the fielding is some of the best i've seen in a long time!
    now tonight, you do that again. we'll put those lil' doggies back in their house with a flea in their ear!
    go RR!! Roll train!